Childcare Centre Castle Hill

Childcare Centre Castle Hill

Reggio Academy comprehends what is most important when you’re looking for the perfect childcare centre in Sydney for your little one- a nurturing, stimulating and safe environment run by competent, caring professionals. The vibe that you feel, calm yet lively atmosphere confirming that your child is safe with us is an innate feeling that we always consider.

We also understand that it is an emotional time for both you and your child. Afterall, a childcare centre is the first step of your child’s growth, development and independence. You want to find the childcare Sydney provider that best suits your child’s needs the first time round- Reggio Academy stands out from the rest.

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Meet our Qualified Childcare Staff

We are one of the few childcare centres that stand by the Pikler method. This is Reggio Academy’s child-led curriculum that heralds learning through experiential play in everyday activities. Our childcare staff works tirelessly through ongoing training to provide the most innovative learning experiences for your child.

We encourage our new families to explore our sunny childcare centre nestled in the heart of Castle Hill. Booking a tour is the best way to explore our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our key educators face-to-face and learn more about our holistic approach to early learning. We urge our parents to ask questions about our engaging activities, daily routines and assess the indoor and outdoor experiences we have on offer.

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Childcare in Sydney; What Should You Look Out For?

Reggio Academy is sensitive to the fact that it’s important for you that you find the very best in what you are looking for in a childcare centre, and which aspects matter the most to you. Taking parents’ concerns into consideration, you are guaranteed the following starting points with our early learning facility. At Reggio Academy, you are guaranteed:

  • A positive, friendly environment, where your children are happy and content.
  • A qualified team with a caring attitude and the ability to nurture.
  • A safe and secure environment.
  • Staff that can build meaningful relationships with children.
  • A high standard of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Clear, daily communication about your child’s routine and activities.
  • Innovative and creative programs that assist early learning development.
  • Warm, polite, and friendly staff.
  • Rooms that present a stimulating environment (indoor and outdoor facilities, toys, books)
  • Feedback on children’s progress.

Our Childcare Framework

We are more than just a childcare centre. We classify ourselves as an early learning centre where your little one can thrive and reach their full potential.

Independent learning is the heart of Reggio Academy’s framework, with experiential play being a fundamental part as a springboard for early learning. As qualified Waterloo childcare experts, we believe each child is capable and resilient with an innate curiosity and knowledge. Our philosophy rides on the coattails of this inherent desire to learn, and aims to assist children with their understanding of the world around them, and who they are in it.

Our approach to childcare and learning is divided into five key areas:

  • Projects – providing a stimulating basis to develop a diversity of ideas and creativity.
  • Language – integrating graphic arts as tools for cognitive, linguistic, and social development.
  • Sensorial – Encourage exploration of materials and independent problem solving.
  • Research – Give children the opportunity to create their own research and explorations to develop independence and creative thinking.
  • Collaboration – encourage problem-solving through engaging group work.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

What Our Parents Say

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