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Give your growing child the beneficial life skills to be successful in all early developmental areas within a kindergarten in Sydney that provides a holistic, scaffolded foundation for their educational journey.

About Us

Child-centred and teacher guided, Reggio Academy is your local kindergarten providing young children of all ages and backgrounds a strong, educational foundation that facilitates lifelong learning well into their primary school years.

Kindergartens in Sydney and their educators have the responsibility to provide unique and engaging learning experiences designed to grow and cultivate your child’s development through play, social interaction, and conceptual understanding.

As registered and experienced early learning educators, our central focus is to ensure that your children become confident learners in a supportive, nurturing and safe environment while providing each child with the necessary framework of being, becoming and belonging.

Our dedicated Reggio Academy staff are also committed to give parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are learning and exploring in the safest learning environment possible.

Based in the sunny suburb of Waterloo, our Reggio Academy’s kindergarten centre offers tailored learning services, including a variety of language and sensorial-based classes, all guided by trusted childcare experts. With exciting activities such as drawing, sculpture, shadow play, and puppetry, to name a few, we guarantee safe and supported classes that both accommodate your child’s learning abilities (no matter their learning and skill level), and cultivate their growth to explore through play, investigate and make decisions independently in fun, everyday activities.

Our scaffolded child-led curriculum is drawn from the Pikler and Reggio Emilia methods. Combined with our advanced security systems, and a well-equipped state-of-the-art centre are just some of the ways Reggio Academy stands apart from the other kindergartens in Sydney.

With consistent five-star ratings on Google, we provide tiny tots the opportunity to gain their confidence and knowledge, and establish a love for learning.

Let us exceed your expectations- your child is in Good hands!

Why Kindergarten Years Are Important?

Kindergarten is very much the stepping stones into structured learning and your child’s future education. Ideally, a kindergarten near you will hopefully encourage a smooth, hassle-free introduction into a ‘real school’ environment for your child.

While no program is perfect, Reggio Academy believes a top kindergarten learning experience involves learning opportunities where children can develop and practice the social, emotional, study and listening skills, and problem solving that he or she can cultivate throughout their future schooling- all through engaging activities, and within a fully supportive environment.

With a kindergarten environment, it can provide many families of different backgrounds access to:

  • Reliable and trustworthy, support and assistance for children with additional needs
  • Lead to resources and links to community support services.
  • Facilitates their children’s learning for future school years.

Kindergartens are also the place to assess a child’s varying levels of learning and thirst for knowledge. As a result, a kindergarten is responsible for:

  • Development of self-esteem: One of the most important goals in kindergarten, the process encourages children to help them feel good about themselves, giving them the confidence they need to tackle the challenges or learning, and make decisions independently.
  • Teaches cooperation: Group learning and working as a team is one of the fundamental teachings of early learning. The ability to work together and get along with others teaches a child the importance of developing patience, the ability to take turns, listen to others and leadership skills- all emotional and social skills that he and she will use throughout their school years and beyond.
  • Increases curiosity: It is our belief that children are born inherently curious, but toddlers and young children are unable to focus and use this curiosity without the guidance of caring teachers. Kindergarten is the best time to spark and direct your child’s curiosity and boost their natural love of learning through fun activities.

Kindergartens - What to look for?

Ask a variety of parents and educators alike and you’ll receive many different descriptions of their ideal kindergarten environment. Our Reggio Academy experts, however, believe an outstanding program should feature the following basic agreements.

  • Grow your child’s ability to learn about the world, solve problems independently and process information. As a result, increasing their feelings of self-worth, their interests in new tasks and capability to work with others.
  • Combine both formal (educator-initiated) and informal (child-led) activities. Instead of just play-based learning in small groups, classes become more hands-on, group activities become larger and longer and reading, writing activities increase in preparation for primary school.
  • Foster a love of languages including books, writing and reading.

Whilst looking at kindergartens in Sydney, keep the following elements in mind as not every program is perfect for you child. Some children thrive with less direct instruction, and others with more.

Reggio Academy aims to provide a holistic learning environment for your child, no matter their learning abilities. Contact a friendly member of our staff for more information about our learning programs, or book a tour online today.

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