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It is our belief that all children are independent and enthusiastic learners, actively seeking information. It is our job as their teachers, to ensure they build a strong foundation that facilitates a lifetime of learning. We encourage each child’s exploration and inquisitive nature in a fun and imaginative way through scaffolded learning experiences. Our centre’s philosophy drawn from the Pikler and Reggio Emilia methods, along with our High-tech security systems,  and a well-equipped state-of-the-art center are just some of the ways Reggio Academy stands apart from the others.

Children use many ways to express their abundance of knowledge and sense making at Reggio Academy we strive to provide our children with the tools necessary to demonstrate and develop their learning. It is our goal to exceed the expectations of each family that entrusts us with the care and early education of their child. We are proud of our scaffolded, and supportive environment that offers children a world of opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge, all while establishing a love for learning and giving parents peace of mind that their child is in good hands.

10 Reasons 'Why' Reggio Academy

There are so many substantial benefits of Reggio Academy that are hard to explain in a few short sentences. To provide you with a very brief over view of these benefits, below is a short summary of the top ten reasons why parent’s choose Reggio Academy.

  1. Child Centred, Teacher Guided

    Firstly, Reggio Academy values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Our view of the child is inspired by the Pikler method and Reggio Emilia philosophy. We believe that every child brings with them deep an innate curiosity that drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. At Reggio Academy, our teachers support a learning program that is specific to the needs and interests of each child. Our inspired classroom environments provide limitless opportunities for children to explore and develop their understanding of the world. For this reason, many parents choose Reggio Academy for their child.

  2. Holistic Learning Experience

    In addition, our Reggio-inspired settings cover the ‘full development’ of the child. There is an emphasis on carefully displaying and documenting children’s thoughts, progression of thinking and making their learning visible in many different ways such as through photographs, transcripts of children’s thoughts and explanations and visual representations. We believe that there are infinite ways that children can express, explore, and connect their thoughts, feelings and imaginings.

  3. Social Development and Collaboration

    In a Reggio Academy classroom, children who have a similar interest are often grouped together. This structure encourages children to collaborate with other, learn to repost each other and create a sense of communal learning. Parents recognise that these soft skills are developmentally important to their child. Consequently, this is one of the primary reasons why parent’s choose Reggio Academy.

  4. Confident Lifelong Learners

    Furthermore, exploration and self-assessment are an integral part of Reggio-inspired education. As children progress through the Reggio Academy Philosophy, they learn to look critically at their work, over come problems, work collaboratively and correct their mistakes. By providing children with the freedom to question and make connections, students learn to become confident and independent learners.

  5. Highly Skilled and Passionate Staff

    Our highly qualified and caring educators provide first-rate child care and early education for children from birth to six years. Reggio Academy’s teachers undergo extensive and ongoing professional development in the Pikler Method, Reggio Emilia Philosophy and Early Childhood Education and Care.

    The Reggio teacher is a guide to the child’s learning through nurturing their curiosity, providing a hypothesis, and solving problems. Our skilled educators accompany children on their journey of exploration, providing diverse and visually appealing environments, open-ended resources and experiences and indirectly provoking ideas and thought processes that encourage the children to communicate through their ‘100 languages’.

    Reggio Academy’s teachers are constantly updating their industry skills and knowledge to run a best-practice classroom, where children are at the heart of directing and organising their own learning. .

  6. Well Resourced Learning Environments

    Our centre is carefully designed to allow and encourage children to use all of their senses for hands-on investigation and discovery and where each one of the children’s many ‘languages’ of expression are valued equally and nurtured. In this nurturing environment, a love of learning flourishes and sets positive foundations for a lifetime.


  7. Best Practices

    Reggio Academy adheres to the best practice standards for early childhood education, the Pikler method and Reggio-inspired learning experiences. Our view is that education should prepare children for life long learning and success.

  8. Education Fosters Independence

    Everything about the Reggio inspired classroom fosters independence and curiosity. The environment is prepared to allow the child to explore concepts for themselves. Over time, children begin to develop a sense of pride in their independent learning. These project based tasks include exploring complex theories in a manner that can be conceptualised by children. As a result, this is not only empowering for the child, but it also gives them a sense of confidence, ownership and personal achievement.

  9. Parent Satisfaction

    Parents are consistently satisfied with their children’s learning experience at Reggio Academy. Many credit the Reggio inspired curriculum and the passionate facilitation of our staff in creating strong educational foundations for their children.

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  10. Learning is fun

    In a Reggio-inspired classroom, you learn about all areas of the curriculum by actively participating in projects that engage your interests. For example, children learn scientific concepts about mass and weight by dropping similar sized objects into water and making hypothesis about why things sink or float. Learning doesn’t come from passive participation in set tasks, it is experienced by exploring the world in an engaging, real and relevant way.

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